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Ankish Patel

Regional Vice President

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

I am a Senior Clinical Pharmacist at the Nottingham City GP Alliance and PCN pharmacist in Nottingham City. After 15 years in the community pharmacy sector, working in a variety roles from LPC representative, branch pharmacist, pre-registration tutor through to regional and professional roles, I decided to complete the NHS Mary Seacole Leadership programme and be born again as a prescribing pharmacist with the help of NHS England and my mentor Bob at Keele University. This led me onto the CPPE GP pathway and also the 111 Urgent Care pathway, and I now find myself as Senior Clinical Pharmacist for my local federation and the primary care network I work within.
































Within my role at the alliance I lead a team of prescribing pharmacist, nurses and health care advisors, delivering extended hours appointments for the city, one of these services is a hugely successful city wide Smoking Cessation Service. I am also involved in recruitment and providing mentoring support for the new cohort of primary care network pharmacists across the city and county and am helping drive the vision for practice/network based pharmacists across the ICP and ICS.
































I am passionate about patient care, the pharmacy profession, and inter professional collaboration. I believe in a unified profession, where we are stronger together and weaker alone.