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PCPA North Symposium 8th July 12.40 - 16.50 Online

July 8, 2021

Zoom Online

Event Summary:

PCPA is delighted to announce this years PCPA North Symposium will be online. 

Develop your clinical knowledge through interactive practical workshops and delivered by nationally renowned experts.

This event is FREE and open to all pharmacy professionals.

Places are limited and priority given to PCPA members. This is a national event but with a regional flair.

This is an online event 12.40 - 4.50pm. This event will be locked from 1pm onwards. Parts of this event will be recorded.

Workshops selections will be released, once they become live. If you do not make a selection, these will be made on your behalf.
Once your place has been confirmed, we will send you your delegate pack which will include your bespoke Zoom login details and the event programme. This will be sent just prior to the event.
This event will be sponsored by pharmaceutical companies through the purchase of Exhibition sessions.
These companies have had no input into the design or content of the event agenda, except where a company has a separate company sponsored workshop. This promotional educational sessions have been sponsored and developed by the companies shown and is intended for UK Healthcare professionals only: Abbott, Amgen, Aymes, Bayer, BMS/Pfizer Alliance, Chiesi, GSK, FDB, Nutricia, Rosemont & Takeda.


Event Details:

  • 12.40 - 12.50    Welcome: Graham Stretch, PCPA President and Sue Alldred, PCPA Regional Vice President

  • 12.55 - 13.10    Educational Exhibition Session 1

  • 13.15 - 13.55    Workshop Session 1 

  • 14.00 - 14.15    Educational Exhibition Session 2

  • 14.15 - 14.25    Comfort Break

  • 14.25 - 15.05    Workshop Session 2

  • 15.10 - 15.25   Educational Exhibition Session 3

  • 15.25 - 15.35    Comfort Break

  • 15.35 - 16.15   Workshop Session 3

  • 16.20 - 16.50    Panel Session: Ask the Experts

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Please select which workshops you would like to attend from the options below, in order of preference.

We will endeavour to grant your first choice where possible. If sessions are over subscribed we will make an alternative selection for you. Your allocations will be shown on the rear of your delegate badge on the day.

We look forward to welcoming you to the PCPA event

Exhibition session 1 12.55 - 13.10

Educational Resources Supporting Osteoporosis Treatment in Primary Care

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by AMGEN and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


FreeStyle Libre 2 – Flash Glucose Monitoring System. Presenter: Dr Elemer Balogh, Medical Director Abbott diabetes care, UK & Ireland

Learning objectives:

  • An overview and new features of the FreeStyle Libre 2 system.
  • Benefits to the patients and the Healthcare Professionals
  • How does it fit into the current environment: Remote consultations

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Abbott and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


Fighting Malnutrition with Flavour

The session will explore the benefits of using a variety of ONS to improve compliance and different practical uses for ONS to create different sensory experiences.

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by AYMES and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only



Workshop session 1 13.15 - 13.55

Mental Health Consultations in GP - Top tips. Speakers - Laura Charman and Graham Newton


Regional Models for Delivering SMRs - Speakers: Gareth Malson and Hadeel Mohamed

  • To understand the requirements of the SMR enhanced service
  • To hear examples of how the service is being implemented in different areas 
  • To receive tips of how get started with delivering the service


Implementation of VTE anticoagulation Guidelines by Clinical Pharmacists. Speaker: Kieron Power

  • Understand the key steps in the NICE guideline on the management of venous thromboembolism (VTE) relevant to clinical pharmacists
  • Apply the clinical data for the anticoagulation treatment options to the selection of appropriate therapy for the treatment of VTE
  • Understand the risks of VTE recurrence and key parameters for the evaluation of recurrence and bleeding risk for individual patients

This promotional content has been organised and funded by BMS on behalf of the BMS/Pfizer Alliance. Unfortunately this meeting is no longer intended for Northern Ireland (NI) customers due to Brexit related regulatory process changes; the Northern Ireland Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) has been updated recently but we are awaiting approval for Great Britain. You can access the most up to date information in the NI SmPC or by participating in one of the NI meetings sponsored by BMS/Pfizer colleagues.



Exhibition session 2 14.00 - 14.15

PCN case study: diabetes medicines optimisation of DPP-4is
• The need for diabetes medicines optimisation in the current climate
• Presentation of PCN switch case study
• Outcomes and results: continuity of care and NHS cost savings

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Takeda and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only.


FDB AnalyseRx: Next-level medicines optimisation

  • Join our session to see FDB AnalyseRx live in action within the EMIS clinical system, with a demo hosted by Mike Fahey – our AnalyseRx Solution Lead.
  • Learn about AnalyseRx, our new medicines optimisation solution designed to enable ongoing proactive medicines optimisation at a practice level
  • Discover how AnalyseRx can support Clinical Pharmacists and PCNs in the delivery of Medicines Reviews, help with Therapeutic Monitoring and Safety Surveillance of patients at risk of medicines-related harm

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by FDB and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


Appropriate Transitioning to a DOAC

  • Health care professionals will learn how to transfer warfarin patients appropriately to a DOAC

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Bayer and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


Respiratory review and medicines optimisation of COPD patients – Is this on your priority list? 

  • The BNF Respiratory chapter dominates the other 23 chapters in terms of NHS England spend/prescription item.
  • Are you interested in learning more on the health economy variation in medicines optimisation of respiratory inhalers devices across NHS England?
  • Is there a focus on optimising respiratory inhalers in your area? Do you want to learn more on the health economic and environmental factors that is driving this national trend?

This promotional educational session has been sponsored by GSK and are  intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


Workshop session 2 14.25 - 15.05

The Nutritional Management of Frail Patients in Primary Care: The Role of the MDT - Speakers Dr Emma Woodcock & Kayennat Toofany

This session will include several case based discussions and will focus on:

  • The role the Primary Care Pharmacist can play in the nutritional management of frail patients
  • Collaborative working with PCN Dietitians and other MDT members

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by NUTRICIA and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only.


Menopause in General Practice - Speaker Dr Clare Spencer

  • Understand the extent of the symptoms of the menopause
  • Better understand the risks and benefits of HRT
  • Gain knowledge of practical HRT prescribing


Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes - Speaker Dr Wasim Baqir

  • Learning from the national Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes programme
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians training and working together
  • Transitioning from MOCH to PCNs; practical tips on how pharmacy teams can support care homes



Exhibition session 3 15.10 - 15.25

Sustainable Respiratory Care:

At Chiesi, we believe true ‘sustainability’ in respiratory care can only be achieved with a broad array of projects that protect both our patients and the planet. During this session Chiesi representatives will share our approach to sustainable respiratory care with you, and answer any questions you may have.

This session is sponsored by Chiesi Ltd and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only.


Best Practice in ONS Prescribing: Optimising Outcomes for your Patients

  • Guidance on patient centred prescribing
  • Appropriate prescribing of ONS to help optimise outcomes in frail patients
  • Strategies to encourage adherence and how the MDT can support

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Nutricia and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


Enteral Tubes and Medicines in Primary Care: Defining Best Practice by Professor David Wright, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

This promotional educational session has been sponsored by Rosemont Pharmaceuticals and are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only



Workshop session 3 15.35 - 16.15

**WORKSHOP FULL**Please make an alternative selection

Reducing Opioid Prescribing in Practice - Speaker Deborah Hollywood

  • Gain the confidence to identify appropriate patients and initiate opioid tapering in primary care.
  • Tips for successful reductions in general practice from real life experience.
  • Examples provided of tried and tested paperwork for adaption for use in your workplace.


Managing Complexity - Case based discussions - Speaker Heather Smith

  • What makes older people complex?
  • How to take a holistic approach
  • How to manage complexity as illustrated by case(s)


Diabetes - Which drug? When? Or None?  - Speaker Dr Elizabeth Martin

  • It's not just about glucose
  • It's not just about drugs
  • Consider what is important for each patient.