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Webinar: The Impact of Dry Skin Conditions on Mental Health 8 - 9pm

September 21, 2021

Zoom online

Event Summary:

Event Summary:

  •  A new report shows 98% of people with a skin condition say it has a negative impact on their mental health, also severely affecting their day to day life
  • They reported feelings of isolation, embarrassment, shame, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts [APPG, 2020]
  • This webinar is designed to improve clinical confidence in advising and educating patients on treatment options for both dry skin conditions and related mental health concerns
  • Consultation hints and tips for managing dry skin conditions 

All participants will receive the new Skintelligence booklet ‘The impact of dry skin conditions on mental health’ and access to additional resources.


  • Chaired by Dr Graham Stretch
  • Dr Roger Henderson, GP with a special interest in Dermatology

This event has been sponsored by Thornton and Ross


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